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Recuerdos del Futuro - Open letter

Corría el año 1994 y yo tras él me encontré con el tango en Regín verde neón roto sobre un primer piso en Riobamba y Corrientes.
Las mujeres usaban vestidos con brillo y peinados con spray como en los setentas y la mayoría de los varones usaba traje o saco , todos usaban zapatos, casi todos fumaban tabaco.
Desde el principio lo que me atrajo a este mundo fue ese modo directo de conexión que es el abrazo, y sumado a eso la increíble posibilidad de caminar un ritmo juntos, bailar. Trasmitir esto  continúa siendo mi objetivo.

El tango es de una alta sociabilidad, este don es lo que lo hace patrimonio de la humanidad. Soy un punto en fuga en esta panorámica milonga, hay muchos antes y habrá muchos después.
Aquí comparto este link que contiene la Carta abierta que Tete nos dejó, para que cada noche bailemos mejor. Gracias Malena, desde el mundo invisible Tete sonríe viendo los efectos visibles que sus palabras provocan en nosotros.


It was 1994 and going after it I found the tango at Regin, broken green neon up on the first floor of Riobamba and Corrientes.
The women wore bright clothes and hair spray like in the seventies, most men wore suit or jacket, everyone wore dancing shoes, almost everyone smoked cigarettes.
 From the beginning what attracted me to this world was the direct mode of connection in the embrace, and in addition to that the amazing ability to walk a beat together, dancing. Transmitting this remains my goal.

The tango is highly sociable, this gift makes it part of the world´s heritage. 
I am a vanishing point in this panoramic milonga, there will be many before and after.

I´m sharing this link that contains the letter Tete left us to make us dance better each night. Thank you Malena.
From the invisible world, Tete smiles while seeing the visible effects that his words cause on us.

Translation here

              Open letter of   TETE RUSCONI

I would like to ask you for something with the affection and respect I feel for all of you. This is not a reproach for any one; what I want is for all of the young people and everyone who dances tango to understand my motive: It’s not necessary to dress up tango with any point of view, because this very impassioned music gives us life, energy, pleasure, and that’s how we feel better. After many years of seeing dancers and teachers, I think that there can’t be so many errors in either teaching and exhibitions.

So, I’ll tell you what my idea is. I always knew that the music is the main base for tango. It’s also learning to walk with it, having balance and rhythm.
I couldn’t tell you that there’s no technique when you dance, but, that it would be better to each people to dance more freely, for one’s self…that’s where the fun is. Nobody can jeopardize us by looking at us, because we dance for ourselves.

What I am saying is that think a lot people are disguising tango as something false, because tango is music and it doesn’t begin with steps. Nor do we have to make the mistake of not teaching how to walk to different musical rhythms in order to recognize each orchestra. Many people who are teaching would have to learn to dance first, to be able to teach giving everything of their selves; so as not to defraud their students nor damage their image as teachers.

Tango is not a business, although many people see it that way. Tango is a part of our lives, part of our grandparents, parents, mothers, brothers and friends. It’s our life. We shouldn’t make so many mistakes and we would have to re-conquer it because we are losing it by not respecting it.

Dear friends, male and female dancers: because what you’re doing is another task in a person’s life, out of respect for yourselves, in your exhibitions, it would be nice if you danced more tango and less acrobatics, ballet or anything else that’s not tango.

I don’t want to believe that you compete in exhibitions, too; we know that each couple should create their style, and that beside, they shouldn’t dance music that’s not tango. With that, don’t lie to yourselves or to the people.

I would like for you to open your eyes regarding how to learn to dance. Without the music, the rhythm, the posture, the balance, the steps don’t serve for anything and that’s why we need authentic masters and teachers. 

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  1. Hola,

    Quiero comprar los videos instructivos con Usted y Tete hizo en 1999 por Daniel Trenner. ¿Puedo comprarlos de Usted? ¿O tengo que comprarlos de itango? Preferiría comprarlos de Usted si es posible.

    Muchisimas gracias