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Rueda la milonga y se devora lo que fue, en los 90 y en el 2000 también. 
Alfredo Tape¨ Rubín es autor de esta composición que evoca a aquel Regin oscuro velado  hoy en las paredes espejadas de El Beso, Riobamba 416. 
La milonga no dice su pasado, lo contiene como líneas de una mano.
Regin está incluido en el álbum ¨Reinanoche¨.

The milonga rolls and devours what it used to be, in the 90's and in the 2000 too.
Alfredo¨Tape¨ Rubin is the author of this composition that evokes a dark Regin today veiled behind the mirrored walls of The Kiss ( El Beso), upstairs in Riobamba 416.
The milonga does not tell its past, it contains it as a line in a hand.
You can find the track  in  the album called ¨Reinanoche¨.

Regin´s traslation

I met you in the Buenos Aires of the 90's blind party
when fatigue and misery began to wander the streets
collapsed today 
and sometimes I think if you had not been a mirage for my madness
for my heart thirsting for a dancing fever 
that always found opened your dirt of tango
your milonguero shine in heat
male draft horse, old Regin
The night already hit his harlequin jump 
Escaping from the light a gray looking dancer
And in the morning pirouette
Fog of ghosts pushing to get back
Back to what, Regin?

I should have loved you right, I should have taken better
I should have enjoyed you too much to hate this pain
Rolls the milonga and devours what it used to be
You turned and so what, Regin?

How much dance you gave, taura* mother of dancing?
Always  beyond the possible, beyond ...
When one by one the others were croaking
little mornings of Regin, and who'll mention them?
Who, for when they are no more old timers, 
will guard the fame of your cave's splendor
And your crazy glass among colored lightbulbs,
standing up to death, Regin?

We will have to imagine a new berretín*
Shoring up the sadness that things must come to an end
Queen milonga de mis amores*
You went your way into the city's night
You feel my goodbye, Regin

It hurts not knowing that last time
The mixed up tango at the waist I hugged
Entangled hearts have turned without future
Now what, Regin?

*taura : brave, spirited
*berrretin: fancy, infatuation
*milonga de mis amores: my beloved milonga, classical piece by Pedro Laurenz.

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  1. Que excelente álbum! Thanks so much for the translation of Regín. A great song, and it shows the tradition makes itself new.